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Short and Sweet

29 Apr

Okay, remember when I said I was going to totally change my life? I was going to eat healthy, cut out crap, and be totally caffeine-free?


It’s harder to do than I originally thought. See, I have a biological need to eat all things sweet. I started obsessing about chocolate, pastries, sugar, sugar, and more sugar. It began with a little nibble here, then a mocha there, and soon I was right back where I started.

How did I let this happen?

My will power is about as strong as a gnat in a tornado. So what do I do? Frankly, I don’t know at this point. Perhaps I need to hire a body guard to protect me from my cravings. Someone who will slap me silly whenever I drive by a Starbucks or a donut shop.

Anyone up for the job?


Land of the Stinky Onion

11 Oct

On Friday, after stopping at Starbucks to fuel up…we headed to downtown Chicago. Our first stop was Harpo Studios. I know it’s lame but I am a huge Oprah fan so I couldn’t come all the way to Chicago without getting a photo of the Harpo sign…I yelled at Oprah to come down and say, “Hi” but she wasn’t listening. I think she was having a meeting with Gail or something. Luckily my BFF has a dorky digital camera that kind of worked…

When Oprah wouldn’t come down to talk to us, we went to Millennium Park and saw the “cloud” sculpture, which is this huge metal orb thing-y that locals call “the bean.” I got kinda freaked out so I had to scream at it.

I calmed down a bit and the BFF and I went to catch the Chicago Double Decker bus for our tour of the windy city. Now, I learned on this trip that Chicago was once a swamp and the Indians named it “shikaakwa” which literally means stinky onion. I couldn’t help noticing that one of the main streets is named “Wacker,” I wasn’t sure if this was from the Mafia or something else…if you know what I mean. The round buildings in this photo are actually apartments where the cars of residence need to back in to the parking spaces, leaving the rear of the car facing the river. Well, Hollywood saw a cool-stunt opportunity and in one of the Batman movies, they flung a car off the structure into the river….AWESOME!!!

As part of the tour, we got free Garrett Popcorn! OMG! The Chicago mix of cheese and caramel popcorn is to DIE FOR!!!!!!! I had another orgasm…this city ROCKS!! The only draw-back is you end up with orange colored fingers for the rest of the day..but it’s worth it. This guy thought I was a total tourist!

We also got a free Hershey’s chocolate bar! Mine was REALLY big!

After eating and eating and sitting and eating and sitting, we decided to stroll through the Magnificent Mile. Shops GALORE!!! I just couldn’t get over how gorgeous the city was, of course it was 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, but there were the millions of lady bugs. My BFF even had to pull a stray wasp out of my HAIR!!! ACKKKK!!!

Then at around 5 p.m., we met up with the BFFs Husband who works in the city…and is the main reason she moved to Chicago. He works at the super-fancy boutique hotel, The Talbott Hotel. And what do you expect to find on the outside of a fancy hotel? I ask? A lady bug painted cow! Of course!!

The story is one year the cows were some art exhibit thingy. Each cow was uniquely painted and displayed throughout the city on the sidewalks. After the exhibit was over the cows were auctioned off to rich people with way too much money. Someone asked the owner of The Talbott Hotel if he wanted a cow. He said, “No, thank you.” Later he ended up with the cow after all and put it on the side of the building. I have to say, including the cow, this is one fine hotel. The hotel is trying to be the first in the city to get the “Green Seal Certification” from the federal government.

Then we headed to the 96th Floor of The Hancock Building, to the Signature Lounge. I, of course, had to have a Cosmo, while the BFF had the Signature Punch and the BFF’s Husband had a beer…total cost of our bill was $38.00!!!!!!!!!!

The view was worth every penny!!

We watched the sun set over the Chicago skyline and strolled over to McCormick and Schmidt’s for some YUMMMYYY dinner.

If you ever go to visit Chicago, I can tell you where to go. I know a guy…


9 Oct

You may not know this…but I jumped on a plane and am in Chicago this very minute visiting my BFF. See more here about my summer cruise for my BFF’s 40th birthday.

She took me to Giordano’s, Chicago’s World Famous Stuffed Pizza.

I love her dearly, and now I love her even more! For someone like me who has never tasted such delicious, decadent, delights…I almost fainted when I took my first bite. I’m telling you, this PIZZZ-AH is better than an orgasm!! The crust is to die for!!! It’s like sweet and savory, flaky and melts in your mouth. The tomato sauce is tangy and explodes your taste buds. The cheese is like heaven on earth, I swear!

We have BIG plans for a spa treatment, a tour of downtown Chicago, LOTS of eating, and SHOPPING!!!! I’m pinching myself because I have been meaning to visit my BFF for a while now and I’m finally here! YAY!!! I must say that her two sons are hilarious, sweet, and the cutest things ever! I love them to death…next to my own two angels, of course. I will be blogging about our escapades and will also update you all on my trigger point therapy. It seems to be working!

For now, you must drool over the pizzz-ah!!!

Random Chick’s Lazy Ass But Damn Good Strawberry Dessert Recipe

30 Apr

Okay, I forgot to post this earlier today and Suzanne and Ceilo have been reminding me all day…I’ve been BUSY at werk!! I hate it when my job gets in the way of my blogging!!

Anyway, this post is participation in the Dessert Carnival going on over at The House in the Roses in honor of Kylie’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLIE…I don’t know you at all ‘cuz I haven’t had a chance to visit or comment but Suzanne says YOU ROCK and that’s good enough for me sister!

This dessert recipe is for those of you who are lazy and can’t cook toast, but want to bring something to a party so you don’t look like a looser:

Strawberries Dipped in Sour Cream and Brown Sugar

*Bunch of strawberries (cleaned and destemmed)
*Bowl of sour cream (the real kind…no imitations!)
*Bowl of brown sugar

Dip your strawberry into the sour cream and then into the brown sugar. Eat. Enjoy!

See, now that’s a recipe I can handle!!!

**The Hubby complained that I didn’t give him credit for this recipe…geez. He’s the one who introduced me to it. So there it is…this is his recipe. He also has a boring blog with a title that will give you a headache that you can check out here.

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