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I Will Survive

24 Aug

If you ever think to yourself that you could never survive something horrific, simply go visit your family for a few days and you’ll be stronger than ever.

I took my two kids (7 years and 4 years) on a road trip just last week to visit Papa & Nana, Auntie and Cousin, and two other Grandmas. It took us 6 hours to drive from Northern California to the OC, which is where I’m from although I don’t like to admit it to most people. We did this all without The Hubby since he couldn’t take work off. Now, you might be asking yourself “why?” Well, even though my family drives me batty I do get an urge every once in a while to connect with them and make sure my children know they are loved by them. I was suffering from such an urge when I decided to embark on this trip.

The only reason we made it through the grueling 6-hour drive through nowhere land without any major incidents is my Honda Pilot has a DVD-player. The kids watched The Artistocats, The Lion King, Peep, The Wind in the Willows, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs while I put on cruise control sipped my Starbucks coffee and kept my eyes on the road. It. Was. Great. Except when somebody realized they had to go potty right when we were trapped behind a big rig truck with no rest stops in sight.

Anyway, we did the drive and got stuck in Los Angeles and OC traffic, which is probably the worst in the entire world. When we arrived at Papa’s house the kids literally screamed their heads off. I know they were excited to see him but I also think they were like pent-up animals thrilled at the prospect of freedom.

We spent time with Papa (my Dad) and Nana (his second wife) and soon I remembered why I was glad that I moved out of my house when I was 18. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Dad and I adore his wife, but my Dad can be very impatient. He doesn’t want to wait one second when there’s something he really wants to do. With two kids, I simply cannot rush out the door without going through my checklist first. He’s great with the kids because he’s very much like a child himself and while this is good most of the time, when he gets his mind set on something you cannot sway him at all. He spoils the kids rotten too.

Then we visited my Mom (Grandma L) who constantly complains about her ailments and has a negative view on most things in life. She loves the kids and spoils them but she also loves to point out why things suck so bad. Kind of a bummer most of the time, which is why I think my Mom and Dad didn’t last very long after my brother and I moved out of the house. Mom has good intentions and her heart is in the right place, I just wish she could see the positive side of things.

Finally, we stopped by my Mother-In-Law’s. She is very old school and set in her ways. And since she’s 77 years-old, she’s not about to change for anyone. She makes it clear that she certainly wouldn’t do things “that way” and tries not to be judgmental. But she is. Most of the time she talks and talks and talks and talks without giving much attention to whether someone else would like to say something. But again, she loves the kids and spoils them.

The bottom line is I survived the visit with my family, and I will survive the next one too because I love them (but can only spend about 3 days max with them) and they love my children.


This Really Sucks

28 Mar

Random Chick cannot frequent the blogosphere at this time.

She regrets not being able to post anything worthy of 10 seconds of your time. Her grey matter has turned into lumpy oatmeal. Even though she’s tried to have a coherent thought…ummm, what were we talking about?

In a desperate attempt to remain calm, Random Chick mixed up an emergency batch of Prozac-laced bon bons while the children transformed the house into one big pile of crap. Birthday parties, a new pet Guinea Pig, and a much-too-long-visit from the Mother-In-Law visit has taken their toll on Random Chick’s last shred of sanity. She is in La-La-Land until further notice.

Please leave a message.

Have a nice day!

Flatulent Friday

6 Nov

Only on a Random Chick’s blog will you find a post about spirituality and then a post immediately following about farts. And since not very many of you responded to my previous post about compassion, here’s a post I know you will enjoy because you are all warped. Remember, we can all come together: Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists because no matter what we believe…we all fart!

How did this come to be? Well, I hadn’t talked to my best friend in a long time. She and I were talking on the phone yesterday while we were both on the computer and we decided to Google, “Fart.” We perused the Images available to us and here are the best ones from our session:

Enjoy the fact that you fart 14 times a day (hopefully you’re not in an elevator)!

We Are Family?

6 May
(Photo courtesy of the Daily Green)

Have you ever stopped to take an inventory of your family and thought to yourself…WTF?

Sometimes I really wonder how I turned out the way I did.

My Mom is an inherently shy person, who’d rather sit on the side-lines of life because she’s afraid of getting hurt or messing up her hair. She has serious self-loathing issues due to a HORRID childhood. She has a very negative outlook on things too. Although I do have some of her traits…like being ditsy at times, I’m really the polar opposite of her.

My Dad is more outgoing and loves to travel but, he’s SUPER conservative in his ideals. He thinks Bush actually did a great job as president. He also thinks part of the reason that our society is so screwed up is because women work and don’t stay home with their kids. My Dad and I ALWAYS get into heated debates about politics and religion even though you’re not supposed to talk about those topics, ever. I am like my Dad in that I am outgoing and like to see new places but we are SOOO different in every other way.

My Brother is a total social outcast. He’s a workaholic who thinks that having fun is just a waste of time unless it involves going 120 miles an hour on a motor cycle doing a wheelie. He works hard and loves extreme sports. I like to work as little as possible and the most extreme sport I’ve ever done is ping pong.

I have absolutely nothing in common with these people most of the time. When we get together, it’s often awkward and sometimes painful. Honestly, I probably would have picked other people to be my family if I had a choice. And most of my life has been all about proving how much I was NOT like them.

But, the ARE my family. I’m lucky to have a family rather than not having one at all. I know they love me…sometimes they show it in weird ways. I realize though that I turned out the way I did because they are the way they are. I’m just starting to kind of like myself so that IS a good thing.

Do You Ever?

20 Apr

Do you ever feel like you are all alone?
Do you ever feel like you are letting every one around you down?
Do you ever feel completely and utterly overwhelmed?
Do you ever want to run away from your life and never come back?

Do you ever feel like strangling your boss because he/she is just to stupid to live?
Do you ever think that the government will get us out of this mess?
Do you ever wonder why some people are so full of themselves and if they’ll ever realize it?
Do you ever want to just kick someone in the ass because they are in your way?

Do you ever feel like eating an extra large meat lovers pizza, a bucket o’ ice cream, and washing it down with a six pack of beer?
Do you ever feel like taking off all your clothes and running naked through the streets screaming, “The Dingo Ate My Baby?”
Do you ever wonder what people would do if you started a loud argument with yourself while standing in large crowd?
Do you ever want to just tell every person you run into to just F*ck Off!?

Do you ever feel like you’re living a lie?
Do you ever wish you were someone else?
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be able to fly?
Do you ever?

Chemical Imbalance

8 Apr

I am one of the millions of suffers from a basic chemical imbalance in my brain. I have low serotonin levels and am prone to panic attacks, depression, and have problems focusing. Most people in my life know this about me and they still love me somehow. A lot of you don’t know that about me so I’m telling you right now.

I have been taking Paxil for almost 16 years and believe that I’m starting to see symptoms of long-term use that are frankly quite freaky. I wake up in the middle of the night and my whole body goes cold then a wave of heat begins up my spine. Then I can’t walk very well. My body gets stiff and my muscles start to twitch violently. When those symptoms subside, I suddenly feel like I need to jump out of my skin. I can’t stop pacing back and forth. It’s like I have to move or I’ll die.

I’ve also been reading stuff about this drug that make me wonder how it ever got introduced to the general public in the first place. All of this has prompted me to take a look at my life style and try to change some things so that I can be around when my kids get older.

I’m tired of all the ups and downs. I’m tired of the racing thoughts. I’m tired of the panic. I’m tired of the obsessive/compulsive routines. I’m tired of being me sometimes.

I want to be able to accept these cards that I’ve been dealt and manage it much better than I have been doing.

Sorry this post seems to be meandering around my chemically imbalanced brain-o-sphere. I really have no idea what I’m trying to say here. I just know that what I’ve been doing so far is not working. I’ve got to try something different…again.


2 Oct

Everybody in this world is near-sighted.

I’m not talking about people who have to walk around with coke-bottle glasses to read the morning paper either. I’m talking about narrow-mindedness, and the way people only see what is in their minute little world instead of trying to look at things from someone else’s perspective.

Isn’t it ironic too since our world is so small, meaning that you can jump on a plane today and be in Africa in like 12 hours. Why is it then that with all our technology, information at light speed, the ability to travel anywhere at anytime, do we seem to be getting more and more myopic? Why is it that an open-mind is so difficult to cultivate in our insane society?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I haven’t quite come up with a very good reason. Perhaps it is because no one is really listening. Maybe we feel that we have to shout and hold so tight on to our beliefs and ideas because no one hears us or is willing to give us two seconds of their time to pay attention. This causes us to shut down to the larger world around us, even as it is more accessible than ever. Maybe it is because we feel that if we open up, we’ll loose a little of our individuality or whatever it is we think makes us special. The funny thing is we are missing so much when we do this…we are special because we are part of the human race and each of us brings something to the table that makes life even more wonderful.

I think myopia is destroying us. The more we close ourselves off from each other the more we die as a species. We were not meant to live like hermits, alone with our freakish minds and thoughts. We are a social being, we need to be with others who can bring out the best and worst in us and show us who we really are…and give us the courage and tools to face who we really are and help us be okay with it. Somehow along our journey we’ve lost the connection to each other, and so many cultures who value community and open discussion are either slowly dying out or morphing into the modern human beings…plugged in and tuned out. American Indians. Latinos. Africans. Indians. They know what real community is and why it is so valueable. We think they’re weird or not progressive. They just look at us and shake their heads.

I am a victim of social myopia. I cocoon myself in my busy little life, and my beliefs. I try to be open-minded but it’s tough. Sometimes what people say is so stupid, but who am I to judge? I’m no great master of theology, poltics, or even life really. Then again, I sometimes wish I could pack up my family and move to another country where we could be part of a community, or a more open society. I just wonder if we would all go through culture shock…

Sorry for such a deep and heavy post today. I may be thinking too much again. I tend to do that sometimes. By the way, THANK YOU to everyone for your supportive comments and well wishes. I’m doing better and trying to figure out how to face and treat my pain. I’ll keep you all updated.

I’d like to ask you all…why do you think humans are getting so myopic and are we doomed to fight with one another, not listening, and shutting ourselves out from the rest of the world?

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